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myAEDES è il migliore gestionale di cantiere per CSE, Direttori tecnici, Direttori dei Lavori, Appaltatori e subappaltatori.  

gestionale cantieri myAEDES digitalizza il tuo cantiere
gestionale cantieri myAEDES digitalizza il tuo cantiere

Construction manager

With myAEDES, the construction manager observes the progress of the construction site through the preparation of the site diary and generates the accounting reports automatically thanks to the daily updating of expenses contained in the accounting module

Safety inspector

Thanks to myAEDES, the safety inspector checks that the simultaneous work carried out by the various workers and filling in the official safety report in order to reduce risks at work
gestionale cantieri myAEDES digitalizza il tuo cantiere
gestionale cantieri myAEDES digitalizza il tuo cantiere


With myAEDES technical manager draws up the daily accounting by updating the quantities produced, the resources and the equipment used, instantly providing the report of the expenses to the construction manager, shortening the time for the generation of the accountability report

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Safety report

Eyes on construction site

Inspection report

according to law

Site diary

Business suit. Shared. Simple.

Construction site checklist

Customizable. Indispensable.

Covid-19 protocol

Specific for construction sites.


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We have tried it and now we cannot work without it! Indispensable for careful business and modern construction sites. Highly recommended app
Alessandro Panaia Project manager costruzioni myAEDES

"I jot down my report during the site inspection and forward it to both the client, the construction management, the engineer or whoever is responsible for it. They give me all the compliments."

Alessandro Panaia Project Manager

Excellent idea and excellent product, in the pipeline now I can not do without it. I appreciate the dictation and the ability to be able to deliver reports to parties right away.

Studio Posani

Logo mastromauro costruzioni

"Excellent app for managing multiple construction sites at the same time and with the possibility of always having all the necessary documentation with you. Difficult to go back to using pen and paper or other apps. Fast assistance"

Mastromauro Costruzioni

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