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your digital

construction worksite

Track the works wherever you are using a tablet or smartphone.

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Why choose us?

myAEDES is the only software for smartphone and tablet that allows you to manage the construction worksite wherever you are.

Thanks to his user-friendly interface you can follow the works and be updated about the progress.

myAEDES advantages

  • Keep being updated about worksite progress

  • Easily manage unexpected events

  • Communicate with all the people involved in the project execution

Discover myAEDES

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Easy and powerful software for the construction world that companies, contractors and client love.

Daily report for construction managers

Complete the daily report before to leave the worksite. Use a tablet or a smartphone to fill the form, edit it according to with your needs and add the picture you took

  • Get a pdf compliant with laws

  • Look back to previous reports

  • Share documents with whoever you want

Gantt diagram

Create a Gantt diagram from the web panel. Every company gives updates on work assigned by the app.
Thanks to a tablet or smartphone usage, feedbacks are sent directly from the construction worksite.

  • Be always updated on work progresses

  • Manage easily unexpected events

  • Receive a notification for each updating

Projects, chat, cloud

Manage more worksites simultaneously from a unique platform.
Live talk with companies also thanks to vocal notes
Bring always with you the latest updated documents.

With myAEDES supervise the construction worksite wherever you are


How many projects can i create?2020-04-08T11:09:38+02:00

There are no limits to creating projects.

How much storage space do I have for my projects?2020-04-08T11:03:55+02:00

Each account has a 30gb cloud storage space for its projects.

How can I contact you?2020-04-08T10:58:27+02:00

For any question or support request you can call our team at 338 7873204 active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 or if you prefer via email to info@myaedes.com

Can I ask for additional modules?2019-07-10T09:52:00+02:00

myAEDES team can offer you a personalized product. You just need to write to us and we will give you the estimated price on what you asked.

Do I need to pay for software updates?2019-07-10T09:50:48+02:00

myAEDES team gives the most updated version for free to all users that have bought the license. We are interested in giving our clients the best we can.

Is there an annual assistant fee?2019-07-10T09:49:36+02:00

When you buy the license we give you a free assistant period to help you using the software. Anyway, the software is user-friendly and very easy to understand.

How many devices can simultaneously work?2020-04-08T10:49:24+02:00

All devices associated with your personal account.

Where can I download the software?2020-01-30T15:14:12+02:00

The app can be installed on Android smartphones/tablets and iPhone/iPad. Furthermore, a web dashboard is available from which you can add and consult your documents.

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