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Take back control of your construction sites. myAEDES is the simplest and most complete solution for professionals or companies operating in the field or in the office

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We are active in over 1500 construction sites

All your construction sites.
Only one management system.

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Accounting and analysis

Sync everything



Practically everyone! There is an app that is always updated for both iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, thanks to the web panel, you can also follow your construction sites from a PC or MAC by opening a browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and using the same credentials as the app, you will find all your projects.

There are no limits to creating projects.

You can use myAEDES from all your personal devices.

Absolutely not! The myAEDES team releases the most up-to-date version of the software free of charge to all those who have signed up for a license. It is our interest to offer the customer the most efficient and updated version of the product.

For any questions or support requests you can call our team on 338 7873204 active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 or if you prefer via email to info@myaedes.com

The myAEDES team can offer a product tailored to your needs. Write to us and you will have a personal quote on what is requested.

Each account has cloud storage based on the chosen plan.

You can import a metric calculation within the management system and you can update all the processes. In a moment you will have instant accounting and SAL.

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